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SC Law | Medical Device Liability

Medical Device Liability Defense, Saiz Chanez Sherrell + Kaemper, Attorneys, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our litigation experience in Medical Device Liablility extends throughout all personal injury products liability concepts, as well unfair trade practice areas. We have worked both as local defense counsel and lead counsel in many cases involving medical devices, such as contraceptive devices, cardiac implants, breast implants, and others. Our team works collaboratively with corporate and national counsel to achieve the best possible result in each case.

Legal Nurse Consultant

SC Law is one of only a few law firms to employ a full-time Legal Nurse Consultant. Cheryl Reich is a registered nurse with a Master’s Degree in nursing. Ms. Reich has extensive clinical and legal experience. Ms. Reich’s expertise includes the preparation of medical chronologies, medical literature research, and analyzing the need for specific experts. 


Ms. Reich is an invaluable part of the legal team on all medical cases. Having a full-time legal nurse consultant allows the SC Law team to offer cost-effective, efficient legal work for our clients.

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